Crusading Runcorn mum warns of the dangers of a silent killer gas

NOV 20, 2013

A CRUSADING mum whose family was ravaged by gas poisoning has taken her lifesaving message to Westminster today. 

Mum-of-four Lynn Griffiths launched the national Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week at the House of Lords. 

She launched her charity, CO Awareness eight years ago and wants to make people aware of the dangers. 

Widow Lynn, aged 55, of Sheridan Way, Runcorn, said: “My children and I were chronically poisoned by carbon monoxide for over a decade. 

“We know the devastating effect this silent killer can have on family life. 

“It’s shocking that despite living in the information age, people still don’t realise that carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless highly toxic gas that can kill in under three minutes.” 

Lynn’s late husband, Albert, died 13 years ago, and her children, Paul, Gavin, Kelly and Craig, and herself, were poisoned by a gas fire which had a blocked flue, spilling C02 into their living room. They have since moved. 

Lynn added: “It’s something families know little about. 

“The more people are aware of the signs and symptoms, the more chance we have of preventing deaths or injuries.” 

Due to lack of donations, her charity is unable to take its message across the UK as it has done in previous years. 

Lynn is pleading with MPs, councillors and housing associations to help to reach as many people as possible. 

She added: “Please don’t let someone you love or someone living in your community fall victim to this silent killer. 

“It is absolutely vital that people start to understand the dangers and, most importantly, how we can all protect our homes and families from this silent, invisible killer.” 

Lynn urges householders to have all fuel burning appliances serviced every year and install a C02 alarm in their homes, caravans and boats.